The Party’s current location

Capital city of Zamora

Alignment: chaotic evil

Population: 38,000–60,000 (64% Zamorian, 31% Turanian/Hyrkanian, 3% Hyborian, 1% Stygian, 1% Other)
Government: Dictatorship
Religion: All Zamorian gods
Imports: Trade goods
Exports: Local crafts, thieves, assassins
Code of Honour: None

Government: Tyrannical Monarchy (puppet government)
King: Tirrates

In Shadizar, it is cheaper to dispose of an incriminating corpse than to buy a horse to escape from the law. The sweltering city is a den of vice and sin. Shameful things done behind closed doors in other places are proudly done publicly and openly in Shadizar the Wicked. The most horrible acts of man can find a patron or a supplier in this unholy city. Murders are taken as a matter of course and given only the most perfunctory of investigations, if any at all. Theft is such a routine of life in Shadizar it does not warrant much mention in the discussions of the denizens, nor do the authorities care to do much about it. A man does not walk unarmed in the city, day or night, and a woman is advised to do the same. Shadizar, with a population that averages 38,215 permanent inhabitants and averaging over 60,000 people on any given day, is a dangerous city. The drunken king cares only that none usurp his authority even as he allows sorcerers and priests to manipulate his every decision.


Oppressor of Frogs Eoja