Oppressor of Frogs

Tracking the Reptile

we start off the night by relocating the frogs to the now empty dragons lair. The Party then decided to track the reptile. Following its tracks into the brush they find an aura of enlarge animal permanent, with much larger reptile tracks headed off into the wilderness.

They then see Yagnar the armorsmith, who offers to craft them some armors in exchange for 15k gp. They spend the next few weeks encamped at the dragons lair waiting for him to build these items for him. During this time the Wizard arrives wishing to discuss some things with the master of the lair the gold dragon.

He is dismayed at the fact that the gold dragon has been slain and his remains used in such a grotesque manor and also seems to balk at the fact that the party is now wearing the remains of his departed friend. He however joins them anyway in a quest to avenge the dragon.

as they ready to depart it appears the Yagnar the armorsmithbetrays Selkie and she liquefies him with a lightning bolt. She swiftly digs through his valuables letting the party do what they will with his +2 armor and masterwork crossbow. (I spent 2 days on him btw figuring he was going to be a re-occuring character, thanks selky)

They follow the now much larger tracks and come across 2 dinosaurs fighting the classic fight of t-rex vs triceratops. Selky attempts to acid splash the trike but our cleric of thor tackles her before she can let off the spell. The Trike gores the t-rex a few times but dies from the wounds inflicted by its opponent. The Rex then turns on the party. They make short work of the wounded animal.

Tracking the animal further they camp for the night and are attacked during the evening by a pair of bodoks. The Bodoks flanked their camp during the night and as a result the wizard was left with little defense and gained -4 temporary levels.

the bodoks are defeated and the party continues on to the next town.



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